CHV 98707 - Nick Henderson - Duluth, GA

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Chattahoochee Valley Rwy - Fallen Flag - ()
Type:  Box Car
Series:  -
AAR Type:  A230
RR Class: 
Mech. Design:  XL
In. Length:  50 Ft.  6 In.
Ex. Length:  54 Ft.  4 In.
Cap. Cu.Ft:  4817
Load Lmt:  115800
Lt. Weight:  61200
Gr. Weight:  177000
Date Built:  03/1962
Lineage:  ex SCL 28115
Plate: B
Placard:  0
Pool:  0
Contributor:  Nick Henderson
Location:  Duluth, GA
Photo Date: 07/19/2008
Views:  195
Exif Data: 
Remarks:  Used for storage at Southeastern Railway Museum
Notes: From SCL series 28100-28249 (ORER).
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