PS2 125 ton hopper

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Car Type:  Flat Car - Heavy
Builder:  Magor
File/Job/Lot:  Lot W-2483
Series:  DODX 38016-38665
AAR Type:  F402
RR Class: 
Mech. Design:  FM
In. Length:  54 Ft.  0 In.
Ex. Length:  57 Ft.  4 In.
Cap:  Cu.Ft.
Load Lmt:  259300
Lt. Weight:  70700
Gr. Weight:  330000
Build Date:  12/1953
Plate:  B
Pool:  0
Contributor:  Nick Henderson
Location:  DuluthGA
Photo Date:  11/22/2008
Submission Date:  12/09/2008
Image:  1200/253, 129KB, 588 Views
Exif Data: 
Photo Remarks: Now on display at the Southeastern Railway Museum
Car Notes: DODX/USAX series 38016-38665 built by Magor, Lot W-2483, Apr-Jul 1953.
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