ATSF 700118 - Steven Vincent - Castle Gate, UT

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Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe - Property Mark - (BNSF)
Type: Autorack - Tri-Level
Builder: Whitehead and Kales
Series: ATSF 700000-700159
AAR Type: V491
RR Class: FT-85
Mech. Desig.:FA
In. Length, Ft.: 89 In.: 4
Ex. Length, Ft.: 93 In.: 8
Cap. Cu.Ft.: 0
Load Lmt.: 73700
Lt. Weight: 0
Gr. Weight: 0
Date Built: 12/1974
Lineage: New
Plate: Exceeds Plate F
Placard: 0
Pool: 0
Rack Bldr: Whitehead & Kales
Rack Road: ATSF
Rack No.:
Contributor: Steven Vincent
Location: Castle Gate, UT
Photo Date: 01/01/1975
Views: 502
Exif Data:
Notes: ATSF 700000-700159, class Ft-85, flat and rack built as fully enclosed Safe-Pak trilevel by Whitehead & Kales. Fully enclosed (doors not closed). Date approximate.
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